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U1330 DVDn Swimmers Shoulder, av June Quick gift och arbetandes tillsammans med den berömda simtränaren Richard Quick.
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U1330 DVDn Swimmers Shoulder, med June Quick. Quick diskuterar teoretiskt och visar praktiskt övningar som skall stärka simmaren och förebygga axelskader.


Från den amerikanska hemsidan;

with June Quick, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, & Stanford Swimming Consultant

Statistics show that up to 80% of swimmers will experience shoulder injury/problems (a.k.a. "swimmer's shoulder") at some time in their career. June Quick has worked with swimmers at all levels from age-groupers to Olympic Gold medallists and as a consultant with Stanford swimming for 15 years. Through her experience in the sport and in her profession, June has developed a complete system incorporating strength and flexibility exercises using surgical tubing, body weight, and a rope that work all areas of the shoulder while keeping a "core" connection. The goal is shoulder stabilization that will help a swimmer become/stay injury-free. Quick introduces this topic with a fundamental overview of shoulder anatomy enhanced with basic illustrations. Next, incorporating the use of surgical tubing, Quick explains and teaches five different shoulder strengthening exercises followed by several variations of Pilates exercises that use body position to strengthen the body core as well as stabilizing the shoulder. The final segment incorporates rope stretches. In all, 10 different active and/or resisted stretches are taught with instruction and demonstration.

35 minutes


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