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K2843 SwimPro Platinum, undervattenkameran med stativ och som du kan gå med, hängas på väggen eller läggas på botten.
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K2843 SwimPro Platinum, undervattenkameran med stativ och 10 meter sladd. Kan användas gående, hängandes på kanten eller liggandes på botten. Kameran kan ställas in i vilken vinkel du önskar, och kan användas både ovanför och under vattnet.


Följande hämtas från SwimPros hemsida;

The elite swimming video training package

 Are you looking for the best of the best in swimming camera training equipment? The single camera SwimPro Platinum package will cover all angles above and below water. This system has received awards for excellence in design, useability, robustness and flexibility and has proven to be a market leader. The Platinum system is the most versatile camera of the SwimPro range, used by professional coaches and clubs around the world.


Swimpro Platinum can be used as:            - Dynamic extendable telescopic pole camera (above/below water/in front/behind/beside)            - A complete dynamic swimming lap recording camera (above & below water)            - Adjacent lane point & shoot camera (jump in lane 2 and point and shoot)            - Static wall camera (with/without delayed playback)            - Dual lane capture camera (video 2 lanes, 2 swimmers and compare)            - Wall stable twist camera            - Zoom and pan camera (video stabilisation clips capture smooth video; like a tripod)            - Pool floor camera (olympic games angle)            - Professional photography sports camera and fixed above water camera (in combination with our snap-in snap-out camera stand )            - Static wall camera with delayed playback (1, 2, 10, 20 seconds etc. to 10 minutes [for diving])
The SwimPro Platinum package can be used in conjunction with SwimProX, SwimBasix and SwimPro FloorCampackages.

What you get

SwimPro Platinum package is based of our SwimProX package but with all the elite upgrades. This system comes complete with:            - Our super clear, industry leading 600TV line custom made SwimPro Platinum camera            - Slimline/low drag telescopic video pole             - Static wall bracket with telescopic pole video stabilisation clips (fast clip in clip out system)            - 30 metre professional video cable (with 2 x dual twine strength cores)            - Ultra flexible 360 degree camera mount.                           

UPGRADES available      

 + More cable            - 50m professional video cable

Portability + travel/storage

Simple set up and pack up with IP65 travel/storage case available. The SwimPro Platinum system is totally portable requiring no permanent fixtures.

Hard Drive Recorder

SwimPro Platinum comes with a  huge 2000GB , single camera hard drive recorder. You can also purchase SwimPro Platinum as part of a SwimPro 4Cam package.







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