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Startplatta Finis

K5153 Startplatta från Finis, Fina-godkänd
Artnr: K5153
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
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K5153 Startplatta från Finis



Adds power and agility to a swimmer's diveMade with a stainless steel platform and polyester treadFits all standard blocks with 2 installation methods: bolted (semipermanent) or strapped (temporary). Width: 50+ cm, Length: 50-81cm7 adjustable swimmer setting allows you to set the wedge at your preferred distance or hang it off the back of the block for relay startsFINA-compliant with all swim block regulatory guidelines


The Swim Block Track-Start is designed as an affordable way for swimmers to practice explosive race starts. The Track-Start is a platform that can be attached to your existing blocks via two methods: bolted or strapped. The bolt method is a semi permanent method requiring you to drill small holes into your block. The strap method is temporary and allows you to strap the platform onto your block when you are ready to practice with it. The Swim Block Track-Start fits all standard blocks and is FINA-compliant.





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