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U1470 DVDn Getting Better Turns, med David Marsh
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U1470 DVDn Fetting Better for Faster Turns, med David Marsh. Marsh diskuterar teoretiskt sitt sätt att se på vändningar i alla simsätt. Marsh visar också tillsammans med simmare olika teknikövningar och lite tips och tricks.


Från DVDns informations sida;

David Marsh, 8 X NCAA Coach of the Year, 12 X NCAA Championships at Auburn; 2 X Olympic Coach, Head Coach, Mecklenburg Aquatic Club of North Carolina

Nothing exemplifies Coach David Marsh's passion for fast swimming like the attention to detail that he demands in turns. Along with the start, Marsh feels that the turn is a skill that if honed and perfected, can bring about significant time drops for swimmers at any level! Marsh feels that with all turns, it is crucial to build the turn from "spinning" foundations done at mid-pool before proceeding to the wall. For all turns, Marsh presents mid-pool drills that teach and focus on the art of compact and tight spinning. Marsh proceeds to the wall with his "plant, pause and push" sequence before executing the full turn. Marsh begins with turns for breast and fly - short axis turns followed by long axis turns, free and back and finishes with turns for the individual medley. Throughout the presentation, Marsh shares turn tips that created a "wall domination" reputation for his Auburn swimmers.

57 minutes. 2007.


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