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K5122 Network Receiver för Smartwatch. Möjliggör att wireless i datorn ladda in de tider / eller pace som du tagit med din Smart Watch.
Artnr: K5122
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K5122 - Network Receiver för Smartphone. Möjliggör att wireless i datorn ladda in de tider / eller pace som du tagit med din Smart Watch.


Från Auto Coach hämtar vi följande: The USB Data Receiver is a small USB device similar to a flash drive. When this simple device is plugged into any PC or laptop, the computer can then wirelessly receive all information being recorded by Smart Watches and other AutoCoach devices. With a range of around 400 meter (straight line of sight), the USB Data Receiver makes it easy to collect the results of an event or simply recording data from practice sets and workouts.

Record Race Results and Practice Data

When connected with a computer, the USB Data Receive can easily record all data and results onto a computer. Each set will be separated into its own group with a timestamp and useful information, such as athlete, lane, lap, speed, and time. This information can easily be saved for future use and even imported into many kinds of software, such as Excel or Hy-Tek, making it easy to track and analyze athlete performance throughout the season.

The USB Data Receiver is required to wirelessly store the data collected by the Smart Watch onto a computer.





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