Complete all of the following sets using the Alignment Kickboard:

Day 1 - 12 x 25 underwater kick, with submerged Alignment Kickboard 

Day 2 - 4 rounds

1 x 125 freestyle catch up drill 

1 x 75 flutter kick 

Day 3 - 6 x 50 side kick (odds lead with right arm, evens lead with left arm)

Day 4 - 8 x 25 Backstroke catch up (hold the board directly overhead, passing the board between hands on each stroke cycle)

Day 5 - 3 Rounds

4 x 25 kick (IM order) 

4 x 25 sprint kick (rotate board to point upward, for added resistance) 

 The time is now: focus on technique


The beginning of the season marks a key time to focus on the most basic elements of swimming - current habits will translate to results, both good and bad, throughout the year. During this crucial time, make a concerted effort to prioritize technique. This week's swim tip offers a simple way to provide inspiration and variety to technique focused sets. 

Pick one training tool this week and use it differently each day. 

Focusing on a single tool provides a chance to think outside the box - challenge yourself to think of new ways to use classic training tools in new ways. Additionally, the added variety to workouts will make drills and strength sets far more engaging and meaningful.  

Below, we've provided a week's worth of sets using the Alignment Kickboard. Each set focuses on a different technical element: breathing, body alignment, kicking etc. ENJOY!


    Varor som nämns i nyheten