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Fastskin Racer Jammer JR

S1107 Fastskin LZR X Racer Jammer Junior - FINA Godkänd. Här används samma teknologi i tyget som i seniorbyxan - dvs kompression.
Artnr: s1107140
Lagerstatus: I lager
1200 kr
Artnr: s1107152
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1200 kr
Artnr: s1107164
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1200 kr


S1107 Fastskin Racer Jammer Junior - FINA Godkänd.

Byxan är svart med synliga sömmar i guld. Tyget använder samma konstruktion som för seniorbyxan, för att ge kompression. Kompression i sin tur hjälper simmaren att hitta sin streamline i vattnet.

Byxan är så designad att trots kompression har simmaren full rörlighet. Men det innebär också att byxan är sitter åt när man tar den på sig.

Från Speedos hemsida:

Feel unstoppable wearing our most innovative boys' racing swimwear yet - the Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Jammer. Increased zonal compression streamlines the body while support seams hold you higher in the water, making you feel your fastest. Designed for young athletes using medal-winning Speedo swimwear technology.

This Speedo swimwear product has been fully approved by FINA

Boys' racing jammers - featuring the same medal-winning Speedo Fastskin technology used in the Men's Fastskin LZR Racer X Jammer

Increased compression & freedom of movement - A combination of 2 unique LZR Racer X fabrics offers horizontal stretch resistance providing intense muscular compression but still allows excellent freedom of movement through every stroke

Support seams - ultra-sonically bonded jammer seams have been specifically placed to improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awarenessImproved jammer waistband - Microfibre and silicone strips guarantee a soft yet secure waistband.

Anti-friction cord technology ensures the cord offers even tension and remains secure

Construction - Improved jammer finishes and components ensure a better fit, while the jammer's unique tape design guarantees you’ll stand out on the blocksRegular waist height - The regular waist boys' jammer style offers greater flexibility and may be preferred by breaststroke and IM swimmers. However, waist height comes down to personal


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